Multi-Family Homes

Multi-Family Homes


In Nanaimo, homeowners are increasingly opting to build rental suites in their homes to cover costs. Premium rental and multi-family residences such as townhomes and condominiums are becoming more commonplace. In all of these different multi-family residential scenarios residents take their health and comfort very seriously, and high-quality residential plumbing is a integral part of any multi-family residence. A backed-up sink, a broken main line or corrosion can cause serious headaches for multiple occupants, the homeowner, or the property manager.

At Waywest we understand the intricacies of large scale residential plumbing and have the experience and skills to complete any project based on the needs of the customer. From rental suites to duplexes to condominums and townhouses, our expert plumbers can do it all. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to outfit a rental suite or a commercial owner breaking ground on a housing complex, we offer competitive value-engineered solutions, never sacrifcing quality.

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