Heating Systems

Radiant Heating

Hydronic systems are an energy-efficient alternative to forced-air systems in the home. A hydronic radiant system consists of warm or cool water flowing through PEX tubing installed in a floor or in radiant panels in the walls. Because water has several thousand times more energy transport capacity than air, radiant is an ideal low energy climate control solution.

A hydronic radiant system will help save on utility costs and is eco-friendly. Our team can install a custom hydronic heating and cooling system that is right for your home.

Geothermal Systems

Geothermal heat pumps are becoming an increasingly popular choice for climate control in homes because they are environmentally friendly, they provide comfortable reliable heat, and they reduce energy costs. Geothermal systems do not require a fuel source, use less electricity than other systems, and are able to provide reliable climate control year around. In a nutshell, a geothermal system operates on the concept of transfering heat from an existing source to where it is needed inside a home, and in the summer, reversing the process and transferring heat out of the home, providing cooling.

Waywest Mechanical is also proud to offer geothermal pool heating systems and services.

Let us help your home or pool become more comfortable, efficient and eco-friendly with geothermal sales, installation and maintenance services.

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