Chilled Water Systems

Chilled Water Systems

Chilled water systems offer the efficiency to reduce energy consumption and the intelligence to allow control of cooling in individual environments seperately. For projects where the temperature of a building’s air, goods, and equipment is of the utmost importance, Waywest Mechanical offers premium experience and expertise in the installation of commercial chilled water systems.

How it works:
Chilled water systems, also referred to as chillers, are usually installed outdoors on a roof-top or behind a building. The unit cools the water down to between four and seven degrees Celsius, then circulates through a water loop and through coils found the air handling unit. This will distribute cool air within any small to large indoor area and is used mostly in commercial and industrial facilities.
Advantages of chilled water systems:
  • Cost effective (Save money and energy)
  • Safer, due to non-toxic water used as a refrigerant
  • Operates quieter than other cooling systems
  • Longer lifespan

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