Commercial Freezer Services in Nanaimo

Looking for reliable, high quality commercial freezer services in Nanaimo and nearby? Call the pros at Waywest Mechanical for all of your commercial refrigeration repair, installation, and service needs.

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Types of Businesses that Need Refrigeration Services

Any business that has a walk-in freezer, fridge, or cooler of any kind needs reliable commercial refrigeration services from time to time. Examples of businesses that require commercial freezer repairs and maintenance include:

  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants/cafes
  • Hotels/resorts
  • Convenience stores
  • Florists
Walk-in refrigerator in a restaurant.

Signs Your Walk-in Freezer Needs Repair

Not sure if your commercial freezer needs repairs? Keep an eye out for these telltale signs.

Unusual Noises

Don’t ignore unusual sounds coming from your walk-in freezer or cooler. These usually indicate that something is wrong with the freezer, and having it checked out by a technician right away as opposed to waiting for the problem to get worse can save you a lot of money and inconvenience.

Significant Frost Buildup

A lot of frost buildup in your freezer may indicate that there is excessive condensation or that the unit is defrosting and refreezing, which poses a safety hazard. If the frost buildup is accumulating around the door, the seal gasket may need to be replaced. 

Strange Odours

Is there an unusual smell coming from your walk-in freezer? Strange odours often accompany coolant leaks or malfunctioning condensers. If something smells off in your freezer and you can’t find an obvious reason why, call a trusted technician to diagnose and repair the problem.


If you notice a leak or water pooling under your commercial freezer, you should get it checked out by a professional right away. Excess water can result in mold or mildew growth, which poses a health risk, so it is important to have any leaks fixed as soon as you notice them.

Inconsistent Temperature

If you notice the temperature of your commercial freezer fluctuating, the first thing to do is check and make sure that the door isn’t being propped open and letting in warm air. If the door is being kept properly sealed but the temperature is still inconsistent, there is an issue and you’ll need a technician to inspect it. When temperatures fluctuate too much, you can end up losing your inventory due to thawing and refreezing.

If you notice any of the above signs, don’t ignore them! Waiting to have your commercial freezer repaired is likely to be more expensive in the long run because if you leave minor problems unaddressed they will only get worse and result in you having to pay for more complicated repairs or emergency service. Waywest is proud to offer reliable, quality commercial freezer services in Nanaimo and the surrounding area.

Nanaimo Commercial Refrigeration Services We Offer

Waywest Mechanical is proud to serve businesses of all kinds in Nanaimo and the surrounding area. 

  • Commercial freezer installations, and full maintenance plans for the systems we install
  • Walk-in freezer/cooler repairs and installations
  • Commercial upright freezer repairs and installations
  • Blast-freezer repairs and installations
  • Commercial ice machine repairs and installations
  • Grocery store refrigeration
  • Restaurant refrigeration
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) refrigeration systems

If you run a Nanaimo business that uses refrigeration in any way, it is crucial to have your systems regularly serviced and to know who to call when you need repairs done. At Waywest Mechanical, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing high quality, prompt service you can always count on. From regular service appointments to new installations to emergency repairs, Waywest is your go-to partner for comprehensive commercial freezer services in Nanaimo and the surrounding area.